There is this deep calm within all this struggle… such a contradiction I can be. A perpetual quietness in my heart, to wonder about nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me, to be at rest when no one praises me, when I am blamed or despised. It is to feel the blessed home within, where I can kneel to my Divine and be at peace in a deep sea of calm when all around me there is trouble. Thank you Dahryn!

  • Lezley W.


Listening to Dahryn was a great example of what is possible for a human being whose heart is so open and pure and the love that comes from there is exquisite. May we all open ourselves to that pure love and be able to treasure and receive the gifts that come naturally from that space.

  • Ambaya M.


Loved your discourse Dahryn! So fresh and full of life. I feel like I’m breathing spiritual oxygen when listening to you. Thank you for your unique expression of your connection to the Divine!

  • Gary G.


I met Dahryn in 2011 at her year of marriage… she is definitely an angel on earth with unconditional love towards all of human kind…her purity comes with no KARMA of many generations like many of us have reincarnated many lifetimes…as she is an angel of light and love…it is not easy for pure souls to live with human emotions less than love and I have watched her deal with it…in her own silence…I give her five stars for how she has endured all of the many challenges of human emotions that is less than.

  • Alishaa A.


Dahryn, if tears or laughter was your goal, you have succeeded…tears of joy are flowing. Thank you for the way you have of sharing profound truth in such clear, simple words. I love the Divine being you are!

  • Sharon P.


So deeply inspired and nourished by all that Dahryn has contributed today. So deeply moved and nourished by Dahryn’s vast heart, her constant manifestation of the Divine and her incredible wisdom, generosity and love.

  • Karen S.


I have always been drawn to Guruji and Gopal, especially during my 2 periods of blood pressure spikes, but the feminine slant and participation from Alice was Powerful. Dahryn’s offering, however, went straight to my heart and brought immediate tears of joy.

  • Bill P.


Thank you so much Dahryn, for your brilliance and vulnerability, truth and authenticity… beautiful. I feel how passionate you are about this and how many people you will help and transform. Thank you. I am inspired.

  • Kathy


Dahryn, your words are so true and your last energy transmission was so powerful it has definitely had an impact in my life.

  • Fiona F.


Dahryn, thank you so much. Thank you for the comfort and joy and beauty of the Divine Spirit that you share with us. Guruji, thank you for being our teacher and for putting it into words for us. I am feeling such love and connection to you both and all of those who bring these opportunities to us. In loving gratitude. God Bless.

  • Sharon S.


Dahryn, I have always admired your command of the English language. Your discourse was perfectly understandable as well as inspiring. Thank God for the intelligence of women. The world’s consciousness will advance to the extent that women have their God given freedom to be all they can be and realize the God within.

  • Anonymous


I Love Dahryn’s wisdom on personal responsibility and evolving to be the witness. She is evolving into a wonderful and profound master. Much love to Dahryn.

  • Aileen L.


Wow!!  That was a wonderful video with Dahryn…so clear, direct, helpful, and filled with love. I love Dahryn’s message and her beautiful presence.

  • Sheila B.


Thank you, Dahryn, for the wise words spoken with such grace and love. I think you are the perfect example of someone who does not react or judge. I pray I will catch myself when I am doing those things and change my mind. Love and gratitude to you.

  • Jan K.


Thanks Dahryn… Always a pleasure to listen to you live. You emphasized a very practical and highly important point….for us each to take responsibility to “do the work” for our own embodiment…Guruji opens the door…we must walk through it!

I love you, Dahryn.

  • Kathryn S.


Thank you Dahryn for your input!! It’s so true. Live without reacting and without judgement and I know it takes time, but I can feel a major shift for seeing things and people as they are!! And yes, learning more and more how to be at peace and being less and less judgmental and not reacting… thank you.

  • Gabriel


Beyond wonder at the sheer beauty in front of us… <3 Dahryn’s concepts are very clear and resonate deeply. They make my emotional, reactionary, yet evolving life make sense and brings me hope.

  • Sharon S.


Dahryn’s exquisite exterior is a reflection of her exquisite inner self. I love watching her evolve and bring her wisdom to the world. Thank you Dahryn, love you so very much.

  • Judith S.


My dearest Dahryn, you are truly shining with not only beauty and grace, you are in the Creator’s light. I am so grateful to be in the Trivedi family with you, Guruji, Alice and Gopal.

  • Sara F.


I loved the video with the cosmos in the background and Dahryn in the foreground. It was having a message delivered from an interplanetary being. Surreal experience and you could feel and sense the Divine Presence and when her voice volume was higher, the Divine Power gave even greater clarity. There was no distortion in the voice when the volume Increased, which sometimes happens in audio on videos.

  • Lynn H.


Thanks and gratitude to Dahryn for this wonderful talk. Your words express Truth in such a beautiful and unique way.

  • Krista C.


Thank you Master Dahryn for your amazing words of wisdom. We must remember that this is a personal journey and each of us is responsible for everything along the way. We are connected to the DIVINE and accept the guidance provided, but we must walk the path. Not always easy, but always blessed. Thanks to all of the Trivedi Masters. Without you, the world would be a much darker place. In DIVINE LIGHT we travel because of you!

  • Douglas K.


Dahryn’s video was a Divine message from a Divine being. Deeply touching and beautiful. It was Divine. Thank you Dahryn for making these videos.

  • Mai G.


Dahryn, thank you. What a powerful message, and beautifully said. You remind us that our lives are a partnership, and that we have our share of work to do in our own growth and awakening.

Receiving Guruji’s and the Masters’ energy empowers us to do this work from a higher level of conscious awareness – this gift is priceless. It’s our responsibility to implement the gift in our lives, in order for us to achieve our highest transformation.

  • Liz F.


Thank you, stunning Dahryn. Your videos moved me deeply and voiced what I most need to hear. I am so grateful to you for presenting your grace and wisdom.

  • Katrina


Dahryn was exquisite in her presentation on Divine Order – so well spoken, a joy to behold and every word on point. Nothing overstated, nothing wasted. SWEET! Thank you!

  • Mary S.


Dahryn, you remind us that the profound is found in the practical. Everything is one, and all things matter. Beautiful – thank you!

  • Liz F.


I love the messages that Dahryn gave. They are beautiful, poignant and insightful and very applicable in one’s life.

  • Paromvong


So grateful to be able to listen to Dahryn’s messages… wow… so powerful and we can all apply and relate to our daily lives… Thank you. I admire Dahryn’s confidence, she delivers the messages in a simple/firm/powerful way.

  • Su-Mei


The deepest Truths can seem so seemingly simple. But that simplicity reflects the Purity and Ordering of The Divine. Thank you, Dahryn. Your presence and voice are their own clear transmission.

  • Krista C.


Tears in my eyes… to see how Divinely Lovely Master Dahryn has become. So very exciting to see her brilliance unfold, so rapidly and steadily with complete attitude of gratitude and humbleness! I Am very honored to be a part of this amazing Trivedi Family!! Humbled again.

  • Jenn T.


I love the confidence I see in Dahryn now. Her Divine Beauty I have always seen.

  • Ariadne A.


I felt like I was in a trance listening to Dahryn. Her messages were timely, inspiring and expressions of deep truth. We need to own and integrate our shadow aspects, both negative and positive, and stop projecting them on others and situations. Thank you Dahryn.


  • Patrizia P.


I especially resonate with Dahryn’s words that every action creates more closeness or distance between myself and the Divine. The need to live simply and have life in order so as to see clearly is also very thoughtful and a great reminder to continue pruning unnecessary things from my life.

  • Gary G.


I have had the complete honor to watch Dahryn’s growth over the past years. From a girl who could not speak at all to a woman who speaks with such grace and projects a glorious light at all of us. I am so proud of her. Much love.

  • Kathy B.


Dahryn speaks from her heart and my heart just naturally resonates, it could not be otherwise! Thank you Dahryn for your beautiful spiritual expression.

  • Sharon P.


I think Dahryn is far beyond intelligence, she is definitely a beautiful conduit for Divine energy. A gift for all of us.

  • Fabio M.


Dahryn’s growth is the most beautiful and profound thing to see and hear. I loved her messages, especially how everything in our environment is a reflection of us and can take us away from the now, where Divine is.

  • Denise F.


Dahryn’s confidence and sense of authority on which she speaks has increased so much. She speaks with so much authority now, as if she is someone who has a valuable message to share, and offers relevant information. It is not only a pleasure, but helpful to hear.

  • Terry


Dahryn’s growth and depth of perception is like the depth and expanse of the universe. She is very clear, concise and expanding rapidly. I am inspired by her journey and aspire to her dedication of spiritual progress. Thanks to all of The Trivedi family for their love and support.

  • Barbara B.


I’m amazed by the Divine nature that Dahryn shines forth to me. This last talk she gave about the “Divine Order” struck home with a loving feeling and need to take action in my life. The grace of the Divine is a marvelous thing working through the masters.

  • William W.


These teachings from Dahryn are so welcome and appreciated! Her message about the NOW being the eternal Divine place and ridding ourselves of the past is relevant during this time of change! Thank you Dahryn!

  • Karen A.


There is incredulous growth with Dahryn in mind, body and spirit. Real Beauty and a great pleasure to see her journey.

  • Dennille S.


It occurs to me how strong and brave Dahryn is. It must have taken such courage and commitment and longing for the Divine. When you think of it, there is nowhere to hide. Every thought and action is there for the Divine to behold in a magnified way. What a great example to us all.

  • Terry


Dahryn, your discourses continue to deliver great value to me and become better and better. I love your videos, who you have become, and your amazing presence.

  • Jeffrey P.


Wonderful content delivered by Dahryn – straight from the Divine… very useful topics that can be implemented right away! I love your posture and style.

  • Johanne D.


Thank you Dahryn, your teachings are so clear, beautiful and you’re so inspiring.

  • Ejane D.


Thank you Dahryn for your discourse, it is like you are speaking right into my soul and heart, so beautiful! Lots of love to you Guruji, Dahryn and Alice.

  • Sissel E.


Right on Dahryn.  Such wisdom for one so young. The Divine is surely speaking and guiding you. I am so proud of you.

  • Sara F.


I LOVE your video on soul families and sexuality/Divine Love! I love to receive your sweetness, clarity and HUMOR! Thank you for showing up like you are doing, Dahryn.

  • Kathryn S.


Dear Dahryn,

I’m falling into total silence and bliss when hearing you speak – so beautiful and a true darshan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Sissel E.


Dahryn is amazing! Such wisdom oozing from every pore; so much beauty and simplicity emanating from her core. I marvel at your immense growth in such a short period of time. It is a powerful testimony to the efficacy of Guruji’s energy, that gift he so generously shares with us, gives us. Thank you, Dahryn.

  • Eileen M.


WOW Dahryn! These videos are a beautiful milestone in our gaining of spiritual knowledge. Thank you Dahryn.

  • William W.


Beautiful discourse Dahryn. This path to enlightenment is beautiful. I am in love with the Divine. I see and feel the beauty of Divine everywhere. This spring I had 6 birds raise their families outside my door. The beauty I am experiencing is everywhere and so colorful and wonderful. We are so blessed.

  • Faith P.


Dearest Master Dahryn,

I really appreciate your explanation of our mind/thoughts and how illusion “shows up” in our lives. Your video and impromptu discourse is fluid and easy, which demonstrates your message of how Life is simple when you are deeply connected to Divine Presence. That we have a choice to Live it. Just this week, I had an epiphany that it is time “I Live Life again!” “Letting go” of what is unchangeable “the past”… to instead thrive in the moment. It was a welcome relief! I yearn for deep understanding. I am building my confidence to “act in Faith” through the patience I am developing through living in uncertainty, yet with perfect Peace. Thank you, thank you Guruji and Dahryn!! “Being present” to me means being courageous, honest, accepting and accountable on High to Divine. This is cleansing away my emotional trauma, choice – by – choice in each moment. I am “Teachable”.

  • Jenn T.


Master Dahryn, I love your story, your video, the purity and sincerity in you is so touching and beautiful. I love your explanation of ‘intuition’. Thank you Master Dahryn.

  • Selvam M.


Oh, I love these videos, Dahryn! They convey the depth of your love for Guruji and the Divine! Your charm and grace shines through so beautifully! I really connect to the imagery of the diamond covered with ice — and the melting that happens when we receive the Energy!

  • Krista C.


Dear Dahryn… So refreshing to hear your truth emitting from your heart! Thank you for sharing your truth!

  • Anonymous


Dahryn, you are such a beautiful lady full of vibrant love!!! Your simple way of explaining everything is extraordinary!! Thank you, God bless!!

  • Gabriel


It was so wonderful to see and hear you, Dahryn! Your love for God and Guruji came straight through the screen to my heart. Much love to you!

  • Jan K.


I love Dahryn. She’s so sweet and transformed, and most importantly found her happiness and peace. I look forward to achieving that, to be happy and at peace… Congratulations and please Dahryn, bless me to find my peace…

  • Patricia


I’m so happy to see you Dahryn. These are lovely words for us to aspire to, to be able to be in Truth, and to work towards Loving God as you do. Thank you.

  • Phani A.


Dahryn’s transformation is so beautiful and brings me to tears. Such grace, poise, confidence, beauty and radiance. Charismatic!

  • Denise F.


Thank you Dahryn, it all comes directly from the Divine through your beautiful shining heart…

  • Maria N.


Dahryn – just beautiful! Your definition of intuition is so simple, yet so profoundly true: It is our very connection to God… it is subtle and quiet, and as such it requires that we build our trust in it. I’ve found that as I’ve become more connected through the blessing of Guruji’s energy, I’m able to do that, and let it guide me in all things. Thank you again, Dahryn!

Much love,

  • Liz F.


What amazing videos. So clear and so true. Since childhood, I have experienced the sludge and ice Dahryn talks of and have given most of my life to clearing and cleansing in me and through my work. Yet when I found Guruji, I was still drowning in the sludge with much pain and loneliness. The blessings have helped me so much and at last I can experience the light shining through my prison walls. I have a much more consistent inner connection and happiness. Thank you. So much appreciation.

  • Maire M.


Thank you Dahryn for sharing your story. I not only heard you, but felt you in my heart. The wonderful thing is making decisions and knowing in your heart that you are on the right path despite all the challenges in life or what others might think. Thank you for the guidance.

  • Motshabi


I really like the composition and execution of Dahryn’s videos as it puts the focus on the messenger and message being sent, centers the attention, with a beautiful background and I liked the transitions, very well done. You could see even more transformation in Dahryn, not only her physical presence & beauty, you feel the Divine Energy when she speaks and the truth in her words.

  • Lynn H.


Dahryn’s transformation is pure, beautiful and shines from within her. Every time that I have been in her presence it has been simply wonderful.

  • Lee


During Special Prayers, I have often requested for my daughter to receive transmissions from Dahryn, although she was initially on the Monthly Enhancement Program with Guruji. I’ve done this since Dahryn became a Master because I have always felt the Divine, The Universal Creative Force, Mother flowing through her. I often refer to Dahryn as Lady Dahryn because of that quality that is clearly transmitted through her so easily. During one of the earlier retreats, I received a transmission from Dahryn. It was a time before Guruji had instructed us on how simple our Prayer ought to be – Request Happiness. My list before sitting with Master Dahryn

was a bit long. It took me a minute to realize that I didn’t need to ask for anything. I had to sit and Receive the Energy that is so Divinely transmitted by the Grace of this Trivedi Effect connecting us to our Divine Presence. I am happy that I learned that lesson. Dahryn’s emanating beauty, eloquence and nurturing are evident and she exhibits confidence.

  • Daphne D.


What a joy to hear and see Darhyn, this beautiful discourse conveys a very beautiful and quiet energy… !!!!

  • Carmen G.


I wanted to say how much I loved your videos. I find you not only breathtakingly beautiful, but so clear in your message. I especially loved what you had to say regarding the intuition, and the difference between intuition and ego. It was an extremely helpful clarification and one that will assist me as I continue on my journey. Your sharing of your story was also very powerful and beautiful, and it is wonderful to witness your amazing transformation. Thank-you and much love to you.

  • Sheila B.


Master Dahryn, your videos are a heartwarming expression of love. Thank you for making these and enhancing my soul’s education, helping remove its sludge. You complement Guruji’s mission of guiding me to the Divine.

  • Donna C.


I feel such peace, calm and love when I receive a blessing from Dahryn.  I’m so happy to be here today and being on this journey, much love to all.

  • Sakina A.


I appreciate Dahryn’s courage in sharing something so personal for our benefit and greater knowledge. Thank you, Dahryn, for sharing that experience of Divine Love for our highest good.

  • Terry


Thank you, Dahryn, for expressing your love in the beautiful videos. I know that they will help us in letting our own love shine forth into the world. I am so grateful for your deep love and “caringness”, which is such a perfect complement to Guruji’s own strong truth and caringness. You both have my everlasting devotion. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  • Susan S.


Maser Dahryn, Your words of wisdom strike home, always. Thank you!

  • Douglas K.


Thank you, Dear Dahryn… for your profoundly powerful, loving and inspiring words…delivered from your heart.

  • Kathryn S.


Guruji said many years ago that Dahryn would become a great public speaker. The combination of Dahryn’s love and passion and Guruji’s wisdom will result I am certain in perfection. The transformation in Dahryn is true and certain. Much love to all.

  • Johanne D.


Dahryn: being with you is so rejuvenating. Thanks for being here.

  • Jeffrey P.


Passing out now… I love you Dahryn with all my heart. Thank you for sharing the Light of the Divine with the family that loves you today.

  • Sharon S.


Thank you for your beautiful words and message Dahryn. I feel moved and brought to tears by the love you express to all of us and I accept it willingly and gladly. Thank you very very much.

  • Sheila B.


Dahryn, beautiful job on the videos. You can connect to people’s hearts.

  • Michelle B.


Dear Dahryn, I could listen to you for hours – so beautiful, so much insights! Love too, I love you too so much!

  • Sissel E.


It is such a JOY to see and hear you Master Dahryn. And being reminded of God’s constant and all-encompassing love is always wonderful. Thank you!

  • Jan K.


Dahryn has become and is becoming such a confident leader. I love you Dahryn. It’s a joy to watch you grow.

  • Judith S.


When you talk, Dahryn, you always get me absolutely speechless. I Love you xoxo

  • Margo D.


It was wonderful hearing from Dahryn, I feel her enthusiasm in me when she speaks! I think her gift of special prayers is still keeping me positive and happy! Thank you All!

  • Joanne C.


I had other good news today too. My niece, who has had a problem with drugs for years now called her mom and actually asked for help. My niece had special prayers with Dahryn in 2014 in the fall. It takes as long as it takes. I am so happy to hear she is seeking help now. Thank you for that, with all my love!

  • Nancy


It helps to understand what we do to our perception of ourselves. I get strength from Dahryn’s reminders of who we are. The message I’ve learned today and always from these are to do what I can and then surrender to Divine guidance.

  • Judith S.


When listening to Dahryn, it brought me a deep sense of peace. Her happiness, love, and inner peace is contagious and comes through loud and clear. When she speaks it dissolves doubt and replaces with hope. The topics were excellent. I thank you from deep in my heart for the blessings you bring into my life.


  • Madeline M.


The transmissions were beautiful. I am feeling the “sludge” dissolving, layer upon layer. I also enjoyed Dahryn’s video and her sincere and honest heart.

Much love from

  • Patrizia P.


Thank you Guruji for this lovely discourse. I am particularly touched by Master Dahryn’s videos and discourse. I can feel her unique energy flow with a sincerity I cannot describe.

  • Selvam M.


Thank You Very much Dahryn for your Heartfelt messages. I could physically feel the Love from You. I very much needed and appreciate that Spiritual Connection. You brought a vast amount of Light into the program today and again I am Grateful.

Much Love.


  • Charles H.


Master Dahryn, I’m amazed how the energy just emanates from you. So authentic.

  • Leonard


Thank you Dahryn that was beautiful – such grace 🙂 Your light is bright and shining and I am so grateful for your being. We are so very lucky to have you here as well as Guruji. My heartfelt thanks to you.

  • Michelle M.


Thank you Dahryn for your beautiful message. I am so moved by your words, your emotions, and your message. I just can’t stop crying, but they are tears of appreciation, gratitude, and love. What a beautiful, powerful, and compassionate human being you are! Thank you so much, much love,

  • Sheila B.


Lady Dahryn, I am so Grateful for your words of Wisdom. You deliver them with such Grace. I am so happy to be in your presence, Thank you for extending your Love and the Gifts to us.

  • Daphne D.


Dahryn, it began to rain in the beautiful desert while you were speaking… the world resonated in beauty with your spoken truth. Thank you for being.

  • Sharon S.